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BayfoN Contains N-11% P-8% K-6% + Mgo + TE which providing essential nutrient for general plants growth; Suitable for leaf and soil feeding of a wide range of crops (fruits, vegetables, field crops, nurseries, parks and gardens, etc)

变富农1号里面含有 氢=11% 磷=8% 钾=6% + 镁 + 微量元素。它能提供植物必需的营养素;适合多种作物 (榴莲、水果、蔬菜、田间作物、苗圃、公园和花园等)


Berat Bersih : 4 Liter / 1 Liter /

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Kandungan Bersih : 20 Liter

  TRACE ELEMENT 微量元素 mg / liter Boron
Sulfur 100

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  • High Protein

  • Rich in Amino Acid

  • Improve Crop Quality

  • Apply 30g-50g Fish Meal in 20cm pot twice a month.

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Pelekat Racun


Penggunaan 5-8ml dalam 20L

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BUY AT SHOPEE :https://shope.ee/5pcHtqBpzd


Baja Soya fish 8888 adalah baja organik yang dikhaskan untuk pokok durian.


-Hanya menggunakan soya dan ikan yang melalui  prosess penapaian. Ini digunakan sebagai sumber protein bahan organic.

- Kaya dengan sulfur demi keharuman dan bau pekat dan kepahitan durian.

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Defeat is effective against pathogenic microorganisms, viruses and bacteria; diffusion and moisturizing functions; and effectively removes and reduces moss growth without residual activity.
Fertiliter with Biostatic Stabilization Technology

Net Weight: 25KG

Magnesium Sulphate
Magnesium sulphate is a high solubility of Magnesium and Sulfur contents for plants. Use to correct the causes and effects of Magnesium deficiency and supply Magnesium content for optimum growth. It’s also supplies a valuable source of Sulfur roles in protein synthesis and enzyme function.

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Chelated Manganese Affective Absorption of Micronutrient

Mn  13%

Chelated manganese powder contains 13% w/w water-soluble manganese. It is used to improve manganese deficiency common in agriculture, horticulture and fruit trees. It is recommended to spray on foliage or for soils with high acidity.

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N          34%
NO3-N  17%
NH4-N  17%

Ammonium nitrate provides high Nitrogen content and ready supply of Nitrogen source for plant growth. Nitrogen is a vital plant nutrient facilitating the growth and metabolic processes of the plants.

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Chelated Iron Effective Absorption of Micronutrient

Fe 13.2%

A soluble powder formulation of iron chelate (ethylene diamine tetraacetate disodium salt) containing 13.2 percent w/w water soluble Fe. It has been used to treat iron deficiency in a variety of agricultural, horticultural, and fruit crops.

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Hibor 60 has a high boron concentration of 60%. (B2O3). It can be used to correct boron deficiency in plant growth. Hibor 60 is used in agriculture and horticulture to correct a lack of boron elements in plants. Hibor 60 can also be used as a boron source in a hydroponic system or other nutrient solution.

Monopotassium Phosphate

P2O5    52%
K2O      34%

It is a fully water-soluble mono-potassium phosphate fertiliser that provides plants with a high level of phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus and potassium are required at high rates during the early growing stage for the establishment of the root system.

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Chelated Zinc Effective Absorption of Micronutrient

Zn 14%

Zinc chelate (ethylene diamine tetraacetate disodium salt) in a soluble powder formulation with 14 percent water soluble zinc. It's been used to treat zinc deficiency in a wide variety of agricultural, horticultural, and fruit crops.

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Chelated Magnasium Effective Absorption of Micronutrient

A water-soluble powder formulation of magnesium chelate (ethylene diamine tetraacetate disodium salt) containing 6% w/w Mg. It has been used to treat magnesium deficiency in a variety of agricultural, horticultural, and fruit crops. It is also used in hydroponics and other nutrient solutions as a magnesium source.

Potassium Sulphate

S     18%
k2O  51%

Potassium sulphate is a soluble source of potassium and sulphur for plants. It is a good source of potassium nutrition. It also serves as a valuable source of sulphur, which is required for protein synthesis and enzyme function.

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Potassium Nitrate

N     13.5%
k2O  46.0%

Potassium is the most important nutrient influencing fruit quality. Potassium plays an important role in the conversion of absorbed nitrate into proteins, which contributes to nitrogen efficiency.

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Chelated Copper Effective Absorbtion Micronutrient

A soluble powder formulation of copper chelate (ethylene diamine tetraacetate disodium salt) containing 14 percent water soluble Cu. It has been used to correct copper deficiency in a variety of agricultural and horticultural crops. This is especially useful for oil palm in peat soil, which generally lacks copper.

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Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

N        15.5%
CaO    26.5%

Calcium is essential for cell walls and plant structure. It also helps to keep cell membranes intact. A sufficient supply of calcium can improve storage quality and reduce disease susceptibility.

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